A beautiful garden loved by children is a worthwhile goal.   Children will value work early in life.

Mountain View is a little, big-hearted community

Awareness of community is an important part of  human development.   As children, we meet folks in our community.   To prosper in a community, a concious effort is required to effect change.  When applied, KINDNESS may be the oil that keeps us working  toward SHARED community goals.    


community members' update

We will try our best to keep friends, family, and community updated in this section.  Sharing our progress on projects, ideas, working volunteers, etc.  The biggest joy in working together is seeing the finished product.  This fall we worked with a young man who was amazed at the service he provided the county on a weekend.  He worked very hard at the task and completed the work in a weekend.  There are many folks working all year long although you may not see them out on the job.  We will post updates, photos where approved, and beg, yes beg sometimes for an hour or two of your time.  There is no set commitment in helping in the community gardens and workshop.  It is a personal decision and goal to find out how you may help and support our efforts.  Until next post sending our regards,   Friends and Frills Gardens and Workshop.

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We need your interest in volunteerism and community service projects.  Please read our updates and let us know what you think.  We appreciate your open communications!